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Headaches Can Come From the Neck

Cervicogenic Headache are headaches coming from the neck. There are many cause of headaches. Chiropractic has been shown ...
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Micro-Break for lower back pain

The micro-break can be used thru out the day. Its a simple way to help with lower back ...
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Maintain a healthy brain: How to protect the body’s control center

Healthy brain function is essential for optimal wellness, but conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and concussions are emerging ...
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Symptoms of Tech Neck

Tech neck happens when people spend too much time with their head and neck extended too far forward ...
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Chiropractic manipulation shown efective in treating nonspecific neck pain

                      More and more research is showing that ...
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Functional Clam

Function Clam The clam is a great exercise for strengthening the Glute Medius. The Glute Medius is an ...
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Can disc herniations shrink over time?

Yes disc herniations can shrink over time! This study found that DISC HERNIATIONS RESOLVE BY THEMSELVES THE MAJORITY ...
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Running Shoes part III: The latest Research

Part 3: Running shoes What happens if you don't have pain or you are a casual runner that ...
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What happens you get adjusted?

Chiropractic adjustments help restore proper mechanics to the spine or the joint being adjusted. A Spine Journal study ...
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More research showing chiropractic is safe

A systematic review of 47 randomized trials found that cervical manipulation is safe and effective: An effect in ...
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