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When Is Standing Too Much?

When Is Standing Too Much? The new craze in standing at your desk has many asking if standing ...
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Chiropractic Adjustments beat exercise for chronic neck pain

HVLA Beats Exercise for Chronic Neck Pain: “Although both interventions were associated with immediately improved ROM and pain ...
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How much protein do you need per day?

How much protein do you need per day? As with most things in nutrition, there’s no simple answer. ...
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Congratulations, Bob!

We want to say a huge congratulations to one of our amazing patients! Bob recently completed the "Strolling ...
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Strengthening the Glutes Can Help Back Pain!

Here's a great exercise to help strengthen the Gluteus medius. “Myofascial pain syndrome (primarily involving the gluteus medius) ...
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It hurts when I do my rehab exercises!

What to expect when starting rehab or exercise program? It's normal for the pain to increase when starting ...
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Did You Know Exercise Could Do This?

  Exercise can: 1.     Help control weight (weight loss and weight maintenance) 2.     Reduce risk for cardiovascular disease 3.     Reduce the ...
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Abdominal Bracing

  What is abdominal bracing? It's when all of your core muscles work together, a “Super Stiffness” occurs, ...
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Chiropractic Care Tied to Significant Reduction in Opioid Scripts

  Chiropractic is the best for delivering drug free pain relief.  Study after study shows this! From the ...
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One More Reason Not to Drink Soda

Soda and other sugary drinks have to be one of the worst things anyone can do for their ...
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