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What Pillow should I get?

Are you Sleeping on the Right Pillow? Determining the right pillow is a personal choice that a person ...
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Just a Reminder…

Our coat drive is going on until February 3rd! Please think of donating an extra coat you may ...
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2019 saw dozens of impactful studies regarding the benefits of Spinal manipulation(adjustments)!

Chiropractic can help headaches! Thru my 20 years of practice I have helped a lot of patients with ...
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SELF CARE: Foam rolling to relieve pain

Do you want to know how to use a foam roller to help your pain? Here are some ...
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Annual Coat Drive

Please think of donating any extra coats you may have at home for our coat drive! In return, ...
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Hip Weakness is Closely Linked to Knee Pain

In this study they found that hip weakness was linked to knee pain. I treat a lot of ...
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New Guidelines for Runner’s Knee

Active rather than passive treatments are the key to recovering from “Runner’s Knee”, according to new international treatment ...
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Can sleeping cause pain? Part One: The Shoulder

Yes, sleeping in a "bad" position can cause you to have pain. Here are some shoulder positions that ...
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Another Confirmation: Disc Herniations Spontaneously Resorb

Here's another study showing that disc herniations can spontaneously resorb. The body has a amazing healing capability! We ...
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Headaches Can Come From the Neck

Cervicogenic Headache are headaches coming from the neck. There are many cause of headaches. Chiropractic has been shown ...
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