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Piriformis Syndrome: It’s not about the tennis ball

When you have lower back pain, it sometimes can travel down to your leg. Do you have leg ...
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Can a wallet cause lower back pain?

The answer is yes. Sitting on something like this can cause lower back pain.   This can cause you ...
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Does Foam Rolling help with muscle stiffness?

The answer is........ Yes. Foam rolling helps decreases soreness by decreasing muscle stiffness Here's a great study showing ...
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Can Inversion Table help lower back pain?

Inversion Table for stretching and pain relief. A question I get all the time is: do Inversion tables ...
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Fat Stacks = Back Pain?

Can a wallet or a purse cause back pain? “Purses are for girls, and back pockets are for ...
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Want to live longer? Have strong hands.

In a previous blog posting , I posted about the association between handgrip strength and Morbidity (the rate ...
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What is Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and ...
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Do you want to be fit and healthy at 80? 2.0

Can you be fit and healthy at 80? The answer is yes. So how can you be fit ...
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Is sitting bad FOR YOUR health?

You probably hear that sitting too much can be harmful. Sitting is the new smoking, is another catchy ...
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Another reason for arm and hand pain and numbness

PRONATOR TERES SYNDROME Do you have arm or hand pain or numbness in the hand? Do you have ...
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