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Chiropractic Services

Your Trusted Chiropractor, Serving Elgin Since 2001.

At Sikorsky Chiropractic we believe that a functioning body means a balanced body.  In today’s world, balance can be difficult to find.  We can help.  

Our head chiropractor, Dr. Sikorsky, has been an avid adventurer himself and understands firsthand the physical stress we put on our bodies, so he’s dedicated his life to treating those who suffer from an unbalanced body that’s searching for comfort.

We provide dozens of different chiropractic services to help aid in the body’s natural healing process.

Our chiropractic care solutions include: 


We offer diversified adjusting chiropractic techniques that incorporate many different styles and adjusting tools to ensure our patients get the best adjustment possible.  

During a standard visit a patient will be stretched and receive manual therapy where we incorporate muscle activation.  Our patients always receive education on easy-to-follow at-home recipes for their success, including education on sitting and lifting, as well has things like proper squatting techniques. 

We will thoroughly review any previous home exercise routines used and ensure that the patient leaves our office knowing that every move they’re performing is appropriate for them and done correctly and carefully by them.

We understand that no two patients are alike and create specific plans for each individual patient, concentrating on the proper alignment and positioning of the muscles and bones.

Sports performance

Dr. Sikorsky leads an active lifestyle and he knows the importance of preventive and ongoing care during a training cycle that will help avoid injuries and have the patient perform at optimal levels. 

While our clientele differs greatly, many of our patients see us during their training cycle for athletic milestones such as the Ironman Triathlon or a marathon.  We offer these athletes routine chiropractic care that will keep their body structure healthy and balanced, which not only ensures that they make it to the finish line, but also contributes to enhanced performance.

Physical rehabilitation

When a patient is hurt due to injury or accident getting their strength back quickly is incredibly important to their everyday life.  Many times, a loss in fine motor skills means loss of work, exercise, physical training, family life, etc., so teaching the body how to reuse the injured muscles is critical. 

With a well-versed medical staff, our physical rehabilitation services will help our patients get back to their regular lives properly and efficiently through a functional approach to their injuries.    

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) is form of rehabilitation that works to stimulate your movement control systems in the brain.

In the early stages of life, our nervous system creates programs that control our posture, our movement, our gait, and all our motor control function.  We will incorporate dynamic neural stabilization techniques which emphasizes neural development aspects of motor control, allowing us to assess and restore dysfunction of the locomotive system- essentially reteaching your body how to move and function as it is meant to.


Running and gait analysis

A runner’s body can easily get out of alignment and joint pain is often the side effect of that.  Our running and gait analysis will allow the patient to get back to running quickly while preventing future injuries. 

Using a slow-motion camera along with a physical exam to discover the underlying causes of the patient's pain, we will help transform the patient’s running style, giving the patient a distinct advantage of improving their outcomes and hindering any future injuries.

Specializing in the treatment of first responders

We understand the unique stresses and physical demands applied to the unique population of first responders and have the experience to help them return to their activities as quickly as possible.  We aim to increase the health and wellness of those dedicated to serving their communities.  

Soft tissue massage / Myofascial Release

There are many ailments that massage can help put to rest: headaches, insomnia, soreness, stress- to name just a few.  

Providing instrument-assisted soft tissue massage allows the body to rid itself of muscle tension and stress and serves to work with the body’s natural healing process and balance.    

Extremities and limbs

Many patients experience discomfort due to pressure put on their bodies through excessive and continuous use.  Our wrists and ankles, knees and elbows, legs and arms, shoulders and hips are used daily even when we’re unaware that we’re using them. 

This can cause stress to the body parts we use most and if not properly cared for, long-lasting issues can arise.  We know how to help with pain management and how to find the problems that are causing the pain.  

Physical therapy

Working hand-in-hand with chiropractic care, our physical therapy services are varied by patient.  Our goal is to help the body regain its natural strength and motion, providing balance using techniques that minimize pain and discomfort in the joints and muscles.  

Our team is knowledgeable in many physical therapy techniques such as electric stimulation therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, conventional physical therapy exercises, and massage therapy.

Why visit our chiropractic office

Maybe you’re not sure a chiropractor is what you need.  You may be surprised by the treatment we provide for:

Our chiropractic office is conveniently located in Elgin, Illinois.

What to expect on your first visit to Dr. Sikorsky’s office

We know that a visit to the chiropractor may not be how you wanted to spend your afternoon, even when comfort and wellness are the end goal.  So, at Sikorsky Chiropractic we want your visit to be as quick and effective as possible, without the loss of bedside manner.  

Upon your reception, you will be given paperwork to fill out regarding your history, activity, and ailments so we can better understand your pain level, how it got to the point it is, and how to best treat you.

You will then meet your doctor for a physical exam that includes orthopedic testing, neurological testing, chiropractic testing, and joint palpation functional muscle testing, as well as global movement patterns. All of these tests will provide us with the detailed information we need in order to get you the results you want.  

After your visit, our doctors will look over your test results and be able to accurately determine your health issues and the next best steps to conquer them.  You will be notified as to the timeline for healing and the cost, taking into account any health insurance you may have.

The next step will be the beginning of your last step: coming in and getting the care your body needs and deserves.  

Our goal at Sikorsky Chiropractic

We’re here to serve our Elgin, Illinois community. We want our patients to be comfortable both physically and mentally, leaving our office feeling confident that they have received a great exam that will benefit the body in more ways than they thought possible.  We are proficient in both meeting and beating our patients’ expectations, this is our one true goal.

Our team of staff are dedicated to your health and we pride ourselves on our commitment to the human body, making you balanced and well in any way we can.

Dr. Stephen Sikorsky, is the most amazing chiropractor and acupuncturist! Very knowledgeable! Prior to every session Doctor takes time to understand how you feel and how the progress is going. I have always been able to talk to the doctor and get my problems resolved every time. Coming here is like dealing with trusted family. Every single staff member is just like Dr. Stephen Sikorsky! It’s an absolutely fantastic team! I have recommended Dr. Sikorsky to many friends!” – S. Algindadari, Elgin, IL

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