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Sikorsky Chiropractic is a leader in the chiropractic care of sports injuries, with nearly 40% of our patient base coming to us for extremity pain and issues (not spinal), we’re not the usual chiropractic office.  

Dr. Sikorsky himself is a lifetime athlete who understands the stress- both physical and mental- applied to a patient’s body and mind.  He incorporates the same principles and exercises that he uses to stay healthy and active, in his patients’ treatment plans.  

As a  chiropractic sports physician, Dr. Sikorsky knows his way around any sports injury that finds its way to our office.  He knows exactly how to get you from the sidelines to the finish line.

How you get a sports injury

With hundreds of kinds of sports and activities offered and performed, sports injuries come in an abundance of shapes and sizes.  And often, the average sportsperson will push themselves to the very limit, then push some more.

For this reason, sports injuries are achieved by too many means to count, ranging from quickly and easily treatable to highly serious and long-lasting.  

Dr. Sikorsky has had a long athletic career performing mixed martial arts, weightlifting, running, and triathlons- all injury-free, because he knows what it takes to perform at a high level, while maintaining a healthy body.  

Our whole team understands just how important reaching your goals are and how frustrating it is when you can’t.

Some of the more common types of sports injury are: 

While we recognize that many sports injuries will need the aid of a medical doctor, some can achieve maximum results through chiropractic care.  

For those who have had sports injuries and have been to see a medical doctor, oftentimes visiting a chiropractor can complement the treatment and care you received from the medical doctor greatly, leading to a more beneficial healing process. 

Why do patients come in for a sports injury?

Here at Sikorsky Chiropractic, we see many sports injuries and we recognize the amount of time and effort each patient puts into being at the very top of their game, whether for a run, a swim, or a climb.  

Injuries vary because sports are varied, but the manner in which we use our bodies to support us through sometimes grueling workouts and stresses can be very similar.  

Some of the most prominent sports injuries are:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Knee injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Shin splints
  • Groin pull
  • Hamstring strain

When training for a sporting event our bodies are pushed, sometimes unrealistically, to reach our goals and this is done through practice, which means we’re putting uncharacteristically physical demands on specific muscles, joints, and tendons repeatedly.   

Some of the most prominent reasons we see patients with a sports injury:

  • Poor functioning joints and muscles
  • Improper training / poor training program
  • Over-training
  • Pushing the beyond its means
  • Over-working muscles
  • Injury caused by inadequate diet during training 
  • Forceful impacts
  • Repetitive motions
  • Failing to warm up properly

Some of the most prominent reasons we see active and athletic patients:

  • Race or swim training
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Direction with proper exercise

There are many sports and training exercises that call for strenuous workouts that include weightlifting, or running, or cardiovascular drills, and so many others, it’s important to perform your training routine properly and safely, knowing your body’s limitations and respecting them.

Because Dr. Sikorsky is an athlete, he truly believes in the importance of the sportsperson’s body and he greatly prides himself in, and enjoys, this part of his practice- vastly excelling in it. 

Benefits of sports injury pain care

Chiropractic care can benefit almost any joint or muscle-related ailment, but when dealing with sports injuries specifically, an educated sports injury chiropractor can quickly get to the problem and end the athlete’s pain.

With an efficient plan to get an athlete back on the field, the track, or wherever they need to be, the patient will be one step closer to the finish line (or the win).  

Regular visits to your chiropractor will encourage balance and general health after training and games, as well as a quicker recovery.

Our Elgin, Illinois team uses all its resources to provide a non-invasive, gentle, medication-free treatment plan for a swift recovery.  We also truly appreciate the importance of the athlete getting prepared for their event, but if the body will not be ready to compete, we make sure our patients know the consequences, should they decide to push too hard.

We are knowledgeable in sports injury and would never advise our patients to take unnecessary risks with their body.  

Some benefits from obtaining chiropractic care for your sports injury are:

  • Returning to your activity of choice quickly
  • Decrease in loss of training time
  • Reduction of discomfort
  • Reduction of inflammation or swelling
  • Improvement of flexibility and range of motion
  • Improvement of quality of sleep
  • Improvement of quality of life
  • Improvement of performance 
  • Improvement of joint mobility, function, and health
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Improvement of the recovery process 

If you are suffering through a sports injury and hoping to make it to the big day and get through it without further damage, we highly recommend you come to see us right away.  

It’s best to fully grasp the significance of the problem so you can recognize what’s happening to your joints and muscles and take care to not put more stress on them than they can handle.  

How we treat our patients with a sports injury

First, we ask you about your health, your injury, and your pain and perform an exam that will offer more in-depth and detailed information on your injury.  We will fully analyze your back, extremities, tendons, ligaments, and joints.    

Once we’ve determined the cause of the pain, we will make an educated treatment plan to aid in effective recovery.  

The two most common techniques we perform are:

Spinal manipulation

Using spinal manipulation, Dr. Sikorsky will place you in several positions and perform manual impulses to the affected joints to release pressure and properly align the muscles and joints to get them in working, pain-free order.

These impulses may cause an audible sound, like cracking, called cavitation.  The sound happens when gas is released from the joint and motion is reestablished.  

Spinal mobilization

Spinal mobilization is used when patients are experiencing more pain and require a gentler approach.  It utilizes tools and stretching techniques to release joint pressure.

If needed, we will incorporate adjustments, heat and ice, electric stimulation, massage, and physical therapy to ensure the patient gets the best care for their particular discomfort and ailment.

If sports injuries go untreated

Most patients who practice sports or athletics will do themselves a great service by using a chiropractor for their preventive care, as well as post-event care.  

Chiropractic care can contribute to the success of a healthy, balanced, and aligned body and mind while keeping the athlete on track to accomplishing their goal.


An untreated sports injury can lead to: 

  • Failure to get to your race / goal / event
  • No longer being able to participate in the events you enjoy
  • Chronic pain and stiffness
  • Inability to perform daily activities or routines
  • Nerve damage
  • Psychological complications (sleep issues, depression)


If a sports injury goes untreated the athlete can pay the ultimate price- not performing well, not performing at all, even not performing ever again.  

When time, money, effort, and pain have been put into achieving a goal and you’re unable to complete it due to lack of self-care and preservation, the disappointment can cause mental anguish and depression, as the physical pain takes on more serious attributes.   

Solutions for sports injury pain

Because Dr. Sikorsky is an athlete and has dedicated his life to healing those who suffer from sports injuries, he understands how to properly manage the athlete’s body and discomfort.

Whether you suffer from advanced pain, chronic injuries, or need some balance, finding a chiropractor who has a strong focus on treating the vulnerabilities found in an athlete and identifying the origin of the pain is a safe and reliable bet.  

You will receive specific techniques geared toward athletes and advice on how to avoid re-injury and new injuries.  We provide each patient with a video of their visit, allowing them to learn how to properly take care of themselves at home through exercise and stretching.       

If you are training for an event, have completed an event, or in pain caused by a strenuous athletic routine, come in and see us for a comprehensive exam and a working plan that will allow for your goal to be met.  

“Dr. Steve is highly recommended. He is very knowledgeable about what he does and makes you feel comfortable during adjustments. In addition to providing chiropractic care, Dr. Steve is excellent with fitness and sports injuries and is the first person I turn to when I have a fitness related injury.” – C. Cross, Elgin, IL

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