Conditions We Treat

Conditions We Treat

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Our team at Sikorsky Chiropractic works together to offer the best results for the worst conditions. 

We know how the body is supposed to work so when we see patients suffering from problems that we can solve, we’re happy to do it.

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, we can help:

Back pain and lower back pain

Your spine takes on a lot of responsibility: movement, reflexes, and balance to name a few.  No wonder it’s under immense pressure.  All that pressure can easily lead to back pain, even chronic back pain.  

Because your back is so important to everyday human function and mobility, it’s critical to get back pain checked out right away.  We will provide a detailed evaluation of your problem and a clear plan of action to fix it fast.

Arthritis / Degenerative joint disease

If you’re experiencing chronic joint pain or seem to have swelling of your joints, you may be suffering from arthritis or degenerative joint disease.  Chiropractic care is often turned to for the relief of arthritic symptoms, without the need for pain killers or muscle relaxers.  

This natural approach will offer you pain management and specific ways to keep arthritic flair-ups from occurring. 

Herniated discs / Bulging discs (or degenerative disc disease)

There are a few different kinds of herniated disc, depending on where in the spine the problem occurs.  Because pain may not be an issue when a patient is sitting still, a herniated disc can go unnoticed for some time, depending on the physical activity of the patient.

However, the pain will eventually catch up to anyone with an untreated herniated disc.  And, if the patient is very active, there could be a lot of pain involved straight from the start. 

Dr. Sikorsky has stayed on top of all the latest research and treatment options regarding disc herniations and offers an effective treatment protocol.  This treatment can be as easy as a massage, or may need chiropractic adjustments, dynamic neural stabilization exercises, or conventional physical therapy.

With thousands of patients suffering from disc herniations under our belt, we can effectively diagnose the significance of the problem and make a supporting plan.

Sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction shows itself as pain found in the hips, buttocks, and groin, generally appearing on only one side of the body.  The pain can get quite intense.  We offer many solutions to help in getting this pain resolved.

Massage therapy, physical therapy, and spinal manipulation can all greatly help reduce pain and prevent it from reoccurring.

Rotator cuff syndrome

A rotator cuff injury can make moving your shoulder impossible.  This can significantly affect everyday activities like driving, sleeping, and working. 

We offer physical therapy, massage therapy, and other natural forms of treatment for rotator cuff syndrome, dealing with your pain swiftly and effectively.

Carpal tunnel

While carpal tunnel can seem innocuous at first, the pain in your wrist can quickly become unmanageable.  

Symptoms can come on slow so watch for reoccurring issues such as pain, weakness, or numbness in the wrist.  If you experience these classic carpal tunnel attributes you should get in to see a doctor as soon as you can.

Carpal tunnel is commonly treated with aggressive medical steps including surgery and medication, but chiropractic help can not only get you positive results, but it can also prevent future problems of the same nature.  


Neck pain and whiplash

Neck pain can come from virtually anywhere- sleeping wrong, sneezing, even turning your head can induce a neck pain that needs some attention.  Don’t suffer through it.  The small pain can turn chronic if not treated properly.

Think about how often you use your neck, you don’t want to allow a neck injury to get away from you.  Let us determine the treatment you need to get back in action.  

Headaches and migraines

Nothing can ruin a day like a headache, so if you’re experiencing daily headaches or debilitating headaches, seeing a chiropractor may be all you need.

We use natural healing techniques combining chiropractic adjustments with specific types of therapeutic massage that will ease and control the pressure you feel in your head without the use of medication.  

Hip pain

Finding out the source of your hip pain will tell us how aggressive we need to be with your chiropractic therapy, as hip pain can stem from the muscles that move the hip or the actual joint itself.  Once we’ve found the true cause, we’ll get you the correct resources to reduce the pain and fix the issue.

We’ll offer you a solid plan of stretching and exercise techniques that may need to work with spinal adjusting and massage as well.

Hip pain can cause a lot of problems from sleeping issues to walking issues, so getting to your chiropractor when symptoms start is a smart move.

Overuse syndromes

Overuse syndromes stem from sports-related activities such as running, swimming, and cycling.  Chiropractic and therapeutic regimens can help decrease the discomfort you feel from straining muscles and joints due to consecutive use by offering improvement in normal joint function and decreasing the strain applied to the tissues. 

Other conditions we treat in-office:

  • Ankle sprains 
  • Iliotibial band syndrome
  • MCL strains
  • Elbow Pain
  • Patellar tracking issues
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shin splints

Your results

We set up a treatment plan with personalized goals for each specific patient, providing the patient with the tools needed in order to reach their goals.  These tools consist of tried and true exercises and ergonomic advice.

At Sikorsky Chiropractic, there are no endless treatment plans.  If our patients fail to progress, more advanced testing or referrals will be incorporated into the patient's treatment plan to ensure progress is made.  

Looking for chiropractic treatment to any of these conditions

If you believe that you are suffering from any of the conditions listed on this page, please visit a chiropractor as soon as you can.  Doing so can alleviate long-term pain and worsening conditions.  

If you’re in the Elgin, Illinois area and concerned about body pain, we welcome you to reach out to us for an initial visit.  We will help relieve your pain through natural means and give you the education you need to help yourself in the future.  

“I've been seeing Dr. Sikorsky for a month and a half now and I am thrilled with the results and the care I have received. Prior to seeing Dr. Sikorsky I had a consultation and visit with a different local office that left me feeling rather skeptical of chiropractic care. Thankfully Dr. Sikorsky has helped change my mind.

"In addition to doing adjustments he thoroughly discusses the "why" and spends a lot of time on what I can do at home to get better (homework!).  The exercises he has shown me have been a game changer. They've helped me get better faster and changed the way I work out. I really appreciate that he focuses so much on form and strength. I'm almost a little sad that as I get better I won't have my weekly visits!” – J Allmyer, Elgin, IL

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