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confessions of a full spine chiropractor

How a disc degenerates

Many of our patients have been taught the analogy of our discs being a "jelly doughnut" by Dr. ...
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Walking Diminishes LBP Risk

Walking Diminishes Lower Back Pain Risk

  A Spine Journal study found: “Walking for more than 3 days per week for over 30 min ...
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bacteria in the gut

Gut Immune Cells Cut Inflammation in Multiple Sclerosis

Another great reason to take care of our of second "brain". Fascinating to see how important the gut ...
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New Physical Activity Guidelines

The US Department of Health & Human Services has released the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines. Download this handy ...
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Eating More Fiber can help lose weight

Eating more vegetables can help you lose weight.  Besides having more vitamins and minerals than fast food or ...
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kid screen time

Is too much Screen time bad for you?

We are still learning about the effects of screen time on our children's brain.  Let's keep this information ...
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lower testosterone

Sugar and Low Testosterone

I came across this article: The abrupt decrease in serum testosterone levels after an oral glucose load in ...
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kid sleeping

Ten tips for better sleep

Who has time for sleep when life is so busy?  Have a cup of coffee and you're ready ...
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Amazing Breakthrough

Amazing Breakthrough!!!!!

  Scientists have discovered a revolutionary new treatment that makes you live longer.  It enhances your memory and ...
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