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How to Stop Muscle Wasting

The best way to stop muscle wasting is to lift weight and do some form of cardio vascular conditioning.

Which weight lifting exercise are best? They are called complex movements.

Here a list:

  • Squatting
  • Dead lift ( hip hinge)
  • Pushing movements( push ups and bench press)
  • Pulling movements( Lat Pull down and Pull ups)

Now you don’t have to be muscle bound to do these movements. However, doing these movements with some weight would help keep the muscle you have and possibly add some muscle.

Now you might be thinking you can’t squat because you may have bad knees or a bad back. Squatting is basically getting out of a chair. So start with that, getting out of chair 10 time is a row. Doing that a few times a day is a great way to start! You will not believe how sore you can get from this routine. Once you have done this for a few weeks move on to some thing harder. Goblet squats are the safest. Start with a light weight and just keep adding weight. It’s that easy.

Cost of Muscle Wasting after the age of 30: Top 10 List

Did you know that we lose 1-1.4% of muscle mass/year & 3% of our strength/year starting at the age of 40. Anyone who has turned 40 know this but in a different way.

Here’s some examples:

  • If I look at a cookie I gain weight
  • I don’t feel as strong as I once was
  • I’m more tired then I used to be.
  • I gain 5lbs a year with no major change in my diet
  • My clothes don’t seem to fit right
  • I don’t look good in the mirror
  • I get sore and tired from normal actives around the house
  • You see your Medical Doctor & they tell you that you have Arthritis & to just learn to live with it
  • The medical Doctor says it’s “Wear & tear” which is ironic because you’ve been sedentary. (Study after study shows exercise help arthritis and decease pain. Doing exercise correctly does not cause pain)
  • The MD say’s if you can’t live with it we’ll give you pills. You start taking NSAIDs which ⬆️ heart disease 30-40%
  • Now you’re getting desperate. Everyone  promises a quick fix – you reach for experimental things like stem cells. Treatments with side effects like steroids & you’re getting more & more depressed
  • Next you’re getting scanned (MRI/C.T).  Nobody has addressed the fact that you’re weak.  That you don’t have strength. All they are talking about are the tissues which are the victims
  • The next step is that they recommend surgery

How do you fix & reverse this?

Good question. It’s simple!

30m/day of general activity – choose whatever you like – hiking, waking the dog, swimming , biking or yoga & most importantly 2x/week resistance (strength) training

Come in or call the office and We could help you find the exercise that are the best for you.