Cost of Muscle Wasting after the age of 30: Top 10 List

Did you know that we lose 1-1.4% of muscle mass/year & 3% of our strength/year starting at the age of 40. Anyone who has turned 40 know this but in a different way.

Here’s some examples:

  • If I look at a cookie I gain weight
  • I don’t feel as strong as I once was
  • I’m more tired then I used to be.
  • I gain 5lbs a year with no major change in my diet
  • My clothes don’t seem to fit right
  • I don’t look good in the mirror
  • I get sore and tired from normal actives around the house
  • You see your Medical Doctor & they tell you that you have Arthritis & to just learn to live with it
  • The medical Doctor says it’s “Wear & tear” which is ironic because you’ve been sedentary. (Study after study shows exercise help arthritis and decease pain. Doing exercise correctly does not cause pain)
  • The MD say’s if you can’t live with it we’ll give you pills. You start taking NSAIDs which ⬆️ heart disease 30-40%
  • Now you’re getting desperate. Everyone  promises a quick fix – you reach for experimental things like stem cells. Treatments with side effects like steroids & you’re getting more & more depressed
  • Next you’re getting scanned (MRI/C.T).  Nobody has addressed the fact that you’re weak.  That you don’t have strength. All they are talking about are the tissues which are the victims
  • The next step is that they recommend surgery

How do you fix & reverse this?

Good question. It’s simple!

30m/day of general activity – choose whatever you like – hiking, waking the dog, swimming , biking or yoga & most importantly 2x/week resistance (strength) training

Come in or call the office and We could help you find the exercise that are the best for you.

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