Can Inversion Table help lower back pain?

Inversion Table for stretching and pain relief.

A question I get all the time is: do Inversion tables help with back pain?

This study finds that Inversion tables can help lower back pain & spinal traction. Spinal Traction is a form of stretching. Inversion table provides pain relief in your lower back. An inversion table is not for everyone.

The 2-year surgery rate in the inversion participants in the registry (21%) was significantly lower than in the matched control group (39% at two years and 43% at four years). It was also lower than the surgery rate in the other 2 control groups. [Conclusion] Inversion therapy relieved symptoms and avoided surgery.

Lower back pain can be treated by a variety of treatment. Chiropractic, physical therapy, medication, home exercise. Inversion tables might also be part of your treatment. It can’t hurt and might help you improve your pain.


Mendelow AD, Gregson BA, Mitchell P, Schofield I, Prasad M, Wynne-Jones G, Kamat A, Patterson M, Rowell L, Hargreaves G. Lumbar disc disease: the effect of inversion on clinical symptoms and a comparison of the rate of surgery after inversion therapy with the rate of surgery in neurosurgery controls. Journal of Physical Therapy Science. 2021;33(11):801-8. Link 

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