Resistance and Aerobic Exercise In Elderly Women

This study followed 101 woman between the ages of 68-85 for one year. Half of the subjects exercised and half were the control( did not exercise) The exercising subjects participated in supervised, group workouts three times weekly  for a year.

Guess what they found?

The group that exercised had improvements in their blood pressure and bad cholesterol. The non-exercising group had systolic blood pressures of 137 vs. 120 for the exercise group with no significant difference in diastolic pressures. The LDL for exercisers was 110.9 vs. 94.9 and body fat percentages were also improved in the exercise group at 33.0 vs. 27.0.

Think about the impact that could have on your life? Stronger, healthier and being able to do more. Maybe even a reduction in some of the medication you might be taking.

All they did was one hour of exercise include some resistance exercises and 30 minutes of walking, jogging, or cycling. How simple is that.

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Take Home:

Subjects who exercised exhibited improved systolic blood pressures, LDL levels and body fat percentages at the end of one year compared to those who did not exercise.

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