Aerobic exercise and strength training can increase your life span

Two of my favorite things (cardio and weight lifting) can decrease your risk of death. A recent study in the British Medical Journal found the following.

Combining aerobic exercise and strength training may be the best strategy for improving health span. Combined aerobic exercise and strength training was associated with a 40% lower all-cause mortality compared to individuals that did not meet physical activity guidelines.

The 40% reduction in all-cause mortality from diseases included chronic lower respiratory diseases, pneumonia, influenza, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Some exercise was better than none but the combination of aerobic plus strength training was the best. Aerobic exercise was associated with a 29% reduction in all-cause mortality and strength training alone was associated with an 11% reduced risk.

Additionally, in accordance with the guidelines, more physical activity than the minimum recommendation could provide greater health benefits.

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Recommended physical activity and all cause and cause specific mortality in US adults: prospective cohort

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