Can Being healthier protect you from viruses?

The Study: Metabolic Syndrome and Viral Pathogenesis: Lessons from Influenza and Coronaviruses.

This study showed that the unhealthy people classified by have metabolic syndrome where more easy affected by viruses. What is Metabolic syndrome (MetS)? Mets is a cluster of metabolic disorders that can lead to serious deterioration of health. 

There are key features of Metabolic Syndrome (Presence of any three is diagnostic):

Obesity is strongly linked to chronic low grade inflammation created by the secretion of cytokines (think “cytokine storm” here) from excess fat tissue.  Chronic state of inflammation “dampens antiviral immune responses” and results in a more severe progression. Type 2 DiabeteType 2: diabetes impairs host immunity, enhances the severity of influenza virus infection and death, triples the rate of hospitalization and quadruples the likelihood of ICU admissions, Hypertension (high blood pressure) One study in Wuhan reported that nearly 20% of hospitalizd COVID-19 patients suffered documented heart damage. Of these, more than 50% had a prior history of hypertension Insulin resistance (pre diabetes), Increased waist circumference: Men over 40″ and women over 35

The metabolically challenged patient also provides a host environment in which viruses are able to more easily evade the body’s normal autoimmune responses.   

Although most of us are familiar with the increased risk factors posed by various comorbidities like obesity and diabetes, we are probably less familiar with the specific ways in which underlying metabolic disease actually influences the course of viral infections. 

Metabolic Syndrome now affects up to 31% of all people worldwide, is associated with a doubling of heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and a 1.5 fold increase in the risk of all-cause mortality. Up to 40 million children under age 5 are now considered seriously overweight or obese.

Now is the time to start improving your life and health. If you need help or direction call the office make an appointment and sit down with Dr. Steve and start today making yourself better.

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