Common questions about Lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain patients have a lot of the same questions. Here are some of the common questions patient have.

  • Does having back pain mean you will always have weakness in your back ? 
  • Will LBP get progressively worse?
  • Is resting a good idea?
  • Are X-rays or advanced imaging required to get the best medical care for LBP?

Here Is What We Know Know About LBP

  • Too much rest slows recovery. (1)
  • Medication is minimally helpful. (2)
  • Increased activity improves recovery. (3) 
  • Imaging is not helpful for a diagnosis and often leads to a worse prognosis. (4)

There is a knowledge gap between the abundance of research versus patient beliefs concerning low back pain (LBP).

Take home: while being treated for LBP. Is to ask questions, get involved and become well inform to help you recover and prevent future pain.

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