omega-3 intake to cardioprotection and improved cardiovascular outcomes

I love when a study confirms what I’ve been telling patients. I recommend fish oils to most of my patients.

This study confirms the importance of fish oils. A meta-analysis of 40 clinical trials found that supplementation with fish oil is associated with a 35% reduced risk of fatal heart attacks, a 13% reduced risk of heart attacks, and a 9% reduced risk of fatal coronary heart disease.

Specifically, the study found that EPA+DHA supplementation is associated with a statistically significant reduced risk of:

Fatal myocardial infarction (35 percent)
Myocardial infarction (13 percent)
CHD events (10 percent)
CHD mortality (9 percent)

The study found that cardiovascular benefits appear to increase with dosage. The data showed that adding an extra 1000 mg of EPA and DHA per day decreased the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack even more. For example, the risk of cardiovascular disease events decreased by an additional 5.8% and the risk for heart attack decreased by an additional 9%.

Continue to take your fish oils supplement or even increase the dosage. It might help save your life!

If you have questions on where to begin, please call the office. Not only can Dr. Steve get you on the right track with supplements but we have them for sale.

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