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The last post got me thinking more about squatting or getting out of a chair. We have been squatting since we were first able to walk. It’s a fundamental movement pattern.   A fundamental movement pattern is one that does not need to be taught.  Think of crawling or walking; a baby just does it correctly if their brain is developing well.

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Don’t we all wish we could move like this?  The flexablity and stability is amazing.

This pattern can be lost.  Falls, accidents, injury, sitting to much, and a sedentary lifestyle can all cause changes in the body.   So how does this matter?  If we use the incorrect movement pattern then stress is placed on the body ( ie the lower back). Other areas of the body could be placed at risk ( the knee).

Here’s how this applies to the real word:

Getting out of a chair.

The wrong way: Back not straight(rounded),  head not up.


The correct way: Back straight, head up.  This one looks a little more like the baby’s picture right?


The Squat:

The squat is used daily when we pick up thing off the floor.

The wrong way: The back rounded and head down.  This posture puts a greater amount of pressure on the lumbar discs.


The correct way:  The back is straight and the head is up.  The lumbar spine is in a neutral position.  The pressure on the disc is much less.


Next time you have to pick up something have some one take a picture of you.  If your back is rounded and not straight you are putting yourself at greater risk for back  and disc injuries.  Call the office and set up an appointment!  Dr. Steve can address the issue that preventing you from moving correctly!

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