How gut microbes are joining the fight against cancer


Here’s another great article about gut microbes (probiotics). Probiotics are a hot topic these days.  It seems likemnew information is being discovered about gut microbes each day. Our gut microbes are affected by what we eat and environmental factors (toxins).  What we put into our mouth or on our bodies can effect gut microbes.  If the research continues to point that our intestinal health can effect our overall health and maybe even help in fight cancer, it’s a good idea to eat healthy and take care to protect gut microbes.

“Cancer has been a late bloomer in the microbiome revolution that has surged through biomedicine. Over the past few decades, scientists have linked the gut’s composition of microbes to dozens of seemingly unrelated conditions — from depression to obesity. Cancer has some provocative connections as well: inflammation is a contributing factor to some tumours and a few types of cancer have infectious origins. But with the explosive growth of a new class of drug — cancer immunotherapies — scientists have been taking a closer look at how the gut microbiome might interact with treatment and how these interactions might be harnessed.”

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