Welcome to My Blog!


Hello! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Stephen Sikorsky and I am a chiropractor.  A chiropractor is a doctor who treats the human frame without drugs or surgery.  We use chiropractic adjustments, exercise, and nutrition to treat and prevent disease.

I’m very excited to have my little piece of the internet!  The mission of this blog is to help educate my patients and the general public about health topics.  These topics will include chiropractic, exercise, nutrition, and overall health.

The amount of information available on health can be overwhelming at times.  The information that will be found on this blog will be simple, effective, and easy to implement into our daily lives, and most importantly, will be what my family and I use to stay healthy.

Overall health and keeping a healthy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated or difficult.  Being as healthy as you can be will take discipline, repetition, dedication and the willingness to change, and a master’s mindset.  A master’s mindset-for the ones who do no know-is the ability to make the correct choices in your life.  The correct choices in one’s life are usually the difficult ones.  For example, do your exercises when you’re tired or eat a salad instead of French fries.

To improve one’s health you cannot just do something once and expect change or keep doing what you’re presently doing and expect a different outcome.

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